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Top Questions

  What's the latest I can place an order and receive same-day shipping?

  Are there any minimum order requirements?

  Does Globe Medical offer discounts for bulk ordering, or repeat customers?

  What products does Globe Medical carry?

  What if I can't find a product I'm looking for?

Website-Related Questions

  Whom can I contact with website related questions?

  What will I have access to with a website log-in?

  How do I get a Website log-in?

  Help! I forgot my username and/or password.


Shipping & Returns

  Do you offer free local pickup?

  What are your shipping options?

  What are the cut-off times for same-day shipping?

  What is your backorder policy?

  What is the return policy?

Payment & Terms

  How do I set up a credit account with Globe Medical?

  What are the standard terms?

  What are the payment options?

  Is contract pricing available?

  Drop Ship Services

Privacy & Security

  What is Globe Medical's privacy policy?

Unit of Measure

  What is a Unit of Measure item?

  How do I use the new Unit of Measure functionality?

  Which Units of Measure are available on Globe Medical?

Product Recalls

  Product recalls procedure